New definitions of old terms

Times change, and with them our language. Meet the vocabulary of modern man ...

1. Marijuana: weed that can cause a much greater happiness then four-leaf clover.

2. End of the world: An event that is now traditionally held every 3-4 years.

3. Claustrophobia: Fear of closed spaces. You went to pub, but you fear that it is closed.

4. Artificial intelligence: Blond which 
dyed hair in black.

5. ETNO HOUSE: Typical houses in East Europe switched off electricity, water and telephone due to unpaid bills.

6. Man:
Human Being able to wean from milk, but not the boobs.

7. 13-th SALARY: The salary you get after 20 months of work in the private sector.

8. ECONOMIC CRISIS: When you stay for many months at the end of money.

9. Dog: Carnivore, but in China, in most cases food.

10. PYTHAGORAS THEORY OF PROPERTY: Square in the center is equal to the sum of the squares on the outskirts of the city.

11. Generational change: When on the pole over old death certificates be pasted new.

12. Pittance: The amount of money with which you can not survive, but that does not even allow to die of starvation.

13. Bench: Bench in a cemetery that occupied grannies during memorial service.

14. Trust: When you
unannounced come home early from business trip to surprise your wife.

15. Smell Pensioners Flats: Thirty years of fear of drafts.

16. Funeral: The final triumph of gravity.

17. THIEF: A person who disagrees with the current redistribution of material goods.

Widower: A man who survived a marriage.


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