Six tips on how to perfect your pose 69

Pose 69, as much as had iconic status in the world of sensual pleasures, some due to lack of experience can lead to frustration. Use these six tips, you can bring it to perfection, and once adopted, you will not be able to imagine sex without this number.

1. Pushing your genitals into your partner's face is a pretty shameless and that's why it is so liberating. The woman at the time can forget about shyness and reacts like never before.

2. Some men excite this pose so much that they ejaculate too quickly. Therefore, it is good that you start working on her, before she start working on you.

3. Women are required to achieve peak uniform movements of the tongue.

4. Use both hands. When you want to relax, move the mouth and irritation to stimulate the relaxed way.  

5. Put a pillow under your head so you do not stretch your neck while lifting your head to make contact.

6. The more daring can try pose 69 upside down that will afford a unique orgasm. Pose will perform as she lay on the bed so that her head hung over the edge, and you can bend over and pick up so that her legs are around your neck.


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