What kind of sex you like, according to the horoscope

Believe it or not to horoscopes, stars and fate that supposedly can be read from them, here's how zodiac signs behave according to astrology in sex. Find yourself, or pass the girl text below. Only to learn - what turns you on?


Aries has a great need for adrenaline. Prefers Morning sex, a great pleasure to him are little rougher games.
The smell, the lodge most of the musk.


Erogenous zones of your zodiac sign is the neck, so if you want wild sex know which part needs to concentrate. Another plus of this sign is chocolate. Bulls enjoy this sweetie who is also a strong aphrodisiac.


Twins love sex toys, and as far as the act, they are enjoying a passionate rapid and oral sex.


Cancer enjoys touching the belly and chest. Loves sex roles, his perfect place for sex is hotel room.


Leo like every true king of beasts like dominance and passion. It is a real exhibitionist, enjoys dirty talk-in, scratching, sex in places where there is a threat to catch him ... also enjoying the praise that his partner share.


For the virgin's characteristic restraint, but in bed shows the other person. Prefers binding, often used blindfold and handcuff in the first place.


Buttocks is an erogenous zone of the characters. In addition to scales loves masking in bed and play the role.


Scorpio has no problem with discreet. It will easily agree to have sex in a public place, like to try different things, loves the mystique, so you'll often see with the mask.


Sagittarius is another adventurous character. Very easy to decide to have sex in public places, as well as any sexual role.


Capricorn dreaming about sex in "height". You've probably thought of several options, but if you want your partner born under this sign can afford it take the greatest pleasure in winter on a mountain.


Aquarius enjoys dirty talk-in. Often leads to conversations like this and loves phone sex. He fantasizes about threesome and loves to use sex toys.


Erogenous zones of the sign is the foot. When it comes to the sex, this sign loves to record his sexual games.


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