5 most dangerous jobs in the world

Have you ever wondered what are the most dangerous jobs in the world? Here's your chance to find out ...

Every job is difficult and dangerous in their own way, but these jobs are something else entirely.
It takes special skills to these jobs done, and people are exposing their body to great danger. Although a lot of people lose their lives doing these jobs, people are still working. Some of the most lethal jobs in the world are not on this list because there is no official data. Thousands of construction workers, truck drivers and other people who work dangerous jobs die worldwide, mostly in undeveloped countries because the rights of workers in these countries are virtually non-existent.

5. Mine-sweepers

This is definitely one of the most dangerous and scariest jobs that exist. Remnants of war mine has a large number, and the job of these people is to find them and safely removed. Although experts have protective equipment, the explosion is difficult to survive, that is why large numbers of people lose their lives doing this job. 

4. Miners

You are underground, which could come down on you at any time and constantly inhaling toxic chaff. Miners are definitely brave, because daily risk their life and health. Almost every miner has lung problems, and frequent collapse of caves sometimes captured and put to death a large number of people. As many as 20,000 miners die in accidents each year. 

3. Window washers

When we talk about cleaning the windows, no one is thinking about taking a risk, but in the big cities of the world, window washers are incredibly well paid and with reason. Their job is one of the most dangerous in the world, because they are located at high altitudes at which they have to wash the windows of skyscrapers. Strong winds, dizziness, and equipment failure are common cases that can to kill.

2. Crab fisherman
Surely you've heard of hunters who travel merciless seas in search of precious crabs. This is one of the best paid jobs in the world. However, even though the pay is good, the risk is too great. Lethal sea and dangerous weather conditions for seconds can sink the ship and dangerous equipment for the extraction of crab sometimes knows to be even more dangerous. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked commercial fishing as the job occupation with the highest fatality rate with 141.7 per 100,000, almost 75 percent higher than the rate for pilots and flight engineers.

1. Ax Men

In the world, lumberjack it's definitely the most dangerous job. Huge trees that weight up to several tons, huge and sharp ax that can halve, large and powerful vehicles represent a great danger. Ax Men face great risk in this business, death is not such a strange thing.  


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