Opportunity of a lifetime! Party with Dan Bilzerian and Steve Aoki!

Want to have fun as Dan Bilzerian! Once in a lifetime opportunity! Steve Aoki and Dan Bilzerian organizing the biggest party of all time in Bilzerian Hollywood mansion! What to expects? And what do you think?! Naked girls, tattooed girls, drunk girls, porn actress, known Instagram stars, the world's top musicians, poker tournament, beautiful nude mermaids and who knows what else!

For ticket you can log on FirstSlice.com, and the only requirement is to be older than 21 years! Five lucky ones who win this award will be covered for the cost of air travel, overnight stay in a top hotel (if you think sleep haha),
transport costs around Hollywood and a ticket for themselves and one guest!!!
The contest is already underway! Party with Dan Bilzerian and Sign up now !!!


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