Seven lies that women always say

Do you think that only men are lying when they say they are going to "shop" and jump on beer? Do not worry, women have their own lies that will accompany you throughout life. And not only monitor, but if you drop into the trap, there is no rescue. After the first section will be clear that one little lie turns into your worst nightmare. Welcome to the world of small women's lies.

1. "Tell me your honest opinion"

What really thinks - "Tell me what I want to hear"

Now tell me that you've never been in a situation where woman said you "tell me your honest opinion?" And anything you said was not good? This is because there is no good answer other than the one your lady alone imagined. If you overdo it, it is a great chance that it will smell your lie, just as the
lioness smells when the victim gets scared. If you say something that she really did not expect, than we can help. The only way to overcome this kind of sixth sense is practice. Pure method of errors and hits. 

2. "I'm fine, really"

What really thinks - "This is the best I can"

As much as you think it is good, this is the worst moment that you leave. She is eager for your attention because of something that happened to her and beer with the friends MUST wait. Because you know yourself, she remember everything.

3. "I slept with X men"

What really thinks - "I slept with a few more then I said"

If it is to believe the quotations from American Pie, the number of women with whom a man asleep is divided by 3, while in the opposite case is multiplied by 3. Do not worry, it is not always magical number three, but is relatively close. Our advice - do not ask that question. Maybe after ten years of marriage when because children you will not run out of the house.

4. "Oh yeah, it was great. I came "

What really thinks - "It was okay, but I didn't came, and I probably will not"

If she really came, you'd know. Everything else is a fairy tale.

5. "I love the sport"

What really thinks - "I wear too small checkered shirt just to show my great body"

If you are with a girl who loves sports, or you are lucky or she likes girls. But if she like because "sport" put narrow checkered shirt, let it. You should enjoy, and you finally will not sleep in a city park after a victory against Malta.

6. "Go out with the guys"

What really thinks - "You better be home with me"

Not that she do not want you to have friends, but they interfere with her plans. You guys remember the evening with the boys is only possible if she already has something agreed. And then you have to be home before it, otherwise would turn on the light and moving examination in the real Gestapo style.

7. "I've never cheated"

What really thought - "Maybe I am, but I will not tell you to rest as usual"

This applies to both sexes. Ask yourself how would you feel if your girlfriend on the second date says she cheating boyfriend. Hiding fraud in previous relationships may be well in the beginning in order not to get the wrong impression. Especially if it happened doing something really magical, such as loss of shoes and mice turned into horses. Or something more realistic.


  1. honestly if youre going to write an article speak the fucking language youre writing in goddamn

    1. SERIOUSLY!!! Who the fuck knows how to spell anymore??? It's sad. Damn!

  2. Everything she says in the first date is a lie. Second if she puts things like she is not looking for sex or hook ups means she is looking for sex or hook ups. The more religious the woman is the more sex starve she is and kinky she is!

  3. Damn if this aint on point or what fellas

  4. Could you make this font a little smaller? If it was totally impossible to read this then I wouldn't be bothered by your English.

  5. INGWISH MUDAFUKA!!! No seriously learn to fucking spell, type, format, etc in proper goddamn English ya tard.


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