Bugatti Chiron - meet Veyron successor

How to replace a model that has become part of history? This is exactly what people from Bugatti ask them self when they recently kicked last copy of legendary Veyron. CAR magazine visited Molsheim, a place where last Veyron was composed and tried to find out what it is preparing for 2016. Name is ready, and will be called by the race driver Louis Chiron. An outline presented is their view of the Bugatti Chiron, but there would be nothing strange if would look like that in reality.

How is
speculate, Bugatti Chiron will be the beast that the world had not yet familiar. It will have 16 cylinders in W formation and strength of 1,500 horses, which will be enough for F1 drivers.

Maximum power: 1500 horse

Torque: 1500 Nm

Maximum speed: 463 km / h

0-100 kmh: 2.0 sec

The whole project is a little late, because Volskwagen Director Ferdinand Piech was not satisfied with the sketches. It was changed, and 2016 is the year of Chiron. Also, Bugatti introduces some new features like system for shuts down cylinders that will allow the car to be used to drive, since it is known that the Veyron could spend their reservoirs for eight minutes.

More news follows since everything is still covered in a veil of secrets.

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