Sex, as well as many other things, sometimes become monotonous and uneventful.

When that happens, usually people feel dissatisfied and there is boredom. Often the 
relationship, and even marriages can suffer because of bad sex. Therefore it is very important to make sex interesting and unusual to avoid monotony. There are various ways in which couples are trying to beautify experience in bed. Toys, roles, movies are just some of the ways, but the best way are sex positions that you can practice with your partner.

See our suggestions for the best and most interesting sex positions that will improve your sex life.

1. Pose that makes women confident

If you want to make your partner happy during intercourse and wish her feel special and confident, this is a pose for you. A lot of women today has a problem with self-confidence and somehow seem to be obsessed with appearance. It often happens, especially in the new couples that women feel insecure because she thinks it is not attractive enough or maybe not good enough in bed. However, one very simple and popular position may increase confidence in women. When a man lies, a woman is on it, the control is a woman and thus automatically increases her confidence. Thus, women above the pose should be used more often if you want your partner to feel good. 

2. Pose for female orgasm

Female orgasm is often mentioned topic when it comes to sex and still have a long discussion how often and how hard women experience orgasm. Pose CAT (coital alignment technique) is great variation missionary pose in many cases guaranteeing experiencing orgasms. During intercourse, the man falls forward with shoulders to partners shoulders and thus stimulate the clitoris, which increases the chances of orgasm.  

3. Pose for a lengthy sex

Duration of sexual intercourse is of course one of the most controversial issues related to sex. "How long can you" is the most common question among men. But if you want to extend the length of your intercourse, this pose can help. The missionary position is crucial, because the man is dominant and decides when to raise and when to reduce the experience, so that in this way can control the length of the intercourse. Variations missionary positions, such as "Fox" position when the partner keeps her feet on the shoulders of the parterre, also may contribute to a longer of intercourse. If you are still struggling in these position, try to pinch yourself and thus reduce your experience.

4. Pose for gifted

Endowed men can sometimes have problems during sexual intercourse, as this can cause pains in both partners. If you have such problems, it is best that you and your partner lie on your side. The woman can then switch legs through partners if it wants to, and thus can control and reduce partners motions. The man also from this position can control the depth of penetration and thus facilitate intercourse. 

5. Pose for less gifted

Although experts say that the length of the penis is actually irrelevant when it comes to sex, opinions are very sub-divided when it comes to this topic. Yet the size of "masculinity" may affect the confidence of a man, but do not let that discourage you. If perhaps you are less endowed, try to practice the most common position when the woman is on top, because it is so deepest penetration and therefore the experience more effective. Other methods are circular movements. During intercourse, try to help movements are circular, not only in the direction from front to back. In this way, you will better stimulate your partner.


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