S302 Black Label Mustang

Saleen is a US car manufacturer (tuning house), which takes as a base car models like the Mustang, Camaro, Challenger, Tesla and others, and of which creates a vision as they think that these cars should look like. It's time to get to know their S302 Black Label Mustangs, which is made on the basis of the aforementioned Mustang, with the addition of power and design.

S302 Black Label Mustang, unlike the original, has a V8 engine which gives a huge 730 horse. To this beast kept on the road, completely enhanced braking system, while the entire car is
widened by approximately 9 centimeters. According to Saleen, it is considerably amplified driving safety, no additional friction.

The car can be ordered in any color, while the specially prepared for this series "California Sunset" color to mimic guess what, sunset in California.

Price Tag? It is estimated to be about $ 75,000, with the ability to charge for each new improvement.


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