7 things you should never type into Google!

Search Results for words that are located below are not for those with a weak stomach. If you just want to see what is hiding behind them, enter them on Google, and then select the section "Images".

It is known that Google hides many secrets, but imagine if you accidentally type something in the popular internet browser, and as a result get the articles or images from nightmares?

Although the words that are below seem quite normal, their scores will completely shocked you, we do not recommend them if you browse quickly to puke. However, if you just want to see what is hiding behind them, type them into Google, and then select the section "Images".


Elephantiasis is a disease from which the skin hardens, especially on the male genitals. One thing is certain - Google Images has never been more disgusting, so we suggest do not type this word if you are not prepared to HORROR. 

"Blue waffle"

Although this word might not sound terrible, believe us that the results certainly are.


Lemon-party or vegan political party? Do not check. No one nor the other. In fact, it is a party, but not the one you wish to go.

"Tub Girl"

This is definitely the sickest thing you can find on the internet. Be sure not to enter this on Google.

Amputations, abortions, tumors, castration

When it comes to things like this, Google has no mercy. The largest internet search will give you what you asked for, so be careful.

"Bomb blueprints"

Whenever someone typed "bomb blueprints" in Google, somewhere red light turn on. Last year,US special forces broke into the apartment because the woman searched for a pressure cooker, the husband backpack, and son information about Boston bombing.

Symptoms of the disease

It works on the principle that the most bizarre things are also the most read. So on first page are
disease that occur in one out of a thousand cases. Better go to a real doctor, because Google is excellent in the cultivation of our inner hypochondriac, and the diagnosis is always the same - you have a few more months. 


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