15 Things You Should Expect Before You Move In With A Girl

The fact that you're up to your ears in love with your better half will not help you when reality strikes your head. Love has nothing to do with hair, cosmetics, footwear or hormones. You must be prepared for anything and everything.

1. Bras will be on the crazy places all over the apartment.
2. The girls are showered for hours. Your trip to the shower will be a mission impossible.

3. Accept your fate. Y're going to meet with so many products for hair, face and body as you have seen so far only in the store.

4. Half of her clothes will be neatly arranged, and the rest scattered around the room. All because of a problem - what to wear?

5. "Those" days, be very very careful and quiet. Compassion, you can not miss.

6. The hair will be wherever you turn, fortunately, the hair of the head. Will find their way to the drains, bathtubs, sinks and your underwear (not in a good way).

7. Face it, you'll often find remnants of nail polish on the carpet, cupboard, toilet, bathtub ... on the table.
8. The
eyeshadow and powder - also.

9. Toilet paper will
disappear in an incredible time. Girls use it for a lot more things than you can imagine.

10. The house will always smell very nice.

11. Sooner or later you will trip over 40 pairs of her shoes.

12. Her femininity and elegance, will disappear as soon as you enter the apartment.

13. It is inevitable that she is doing something disgusting and eventually you'll catch her.

14. Yes, she eats much more than you can imagine.

15. You'll have the honor to see her at worst in what is nobody has ever seen her.



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