Top 10 best booties of all time

Fake or not, to us it does not matter, enchanting ass that adorn the beauty's around the world, today's topic ...

Booties are one of the most observed attributes of celebrities. Most dust is raised when talking about are these genuine or not. There is an entire "nation" in Hollywood they call "plastic people" because first of all the number of operations that have been subjected to look like what they look like today. The greatest likelihood is that what you like and enjoy in them is not real.

As much as the these people struggled to their new attributes act naturally, most people do not fall for it. Also, besides plastic surgery, many stars are turning to Photoshop so their photos or videos looked fantastic. Even the gorgeous Beyonce was accused of Photoshop her hips in one spot from the beginning of this year.

The most famous of all was Kylie Jenner, who claimed a long time that her lips are real. Sensual look almost made us to believe in it, but the same could no longer stand the pressure of the public and admitted that she went to the filling mouth filters. Also, it was announced on Instagram photo below which is written to use a cream called "PureLeef" thanks to which her buttocks noticeably increases. She said of course it is a completely natural product - and how different.

Now let's look sexiest butt all the time
that Hollywood brought to us.

1. Jennifer Lopez
- The most famous, most admired and most expensive ass in the history of mankind. The famous singer is in fact gained fame not only because of hiser voice, but her stature or her buttocks. Her butt, during all these years as if we can not get enough.
Before the advent of the world's beauty's, we had the "Jenny from the block" that with sexy moves taking breath every time she shake the booty. J. Lo is in fact ensure her butt to the outstanding $ 27 million! The singer claims that she has never and will not ask for help plastic surgeons when it comes to her beauty! We trust her. 

2. Iggy Azalea
- This beauty is "charged" to raised and increase her booty
, right after she admitted that she got a boob job. It is heard that Iggy with "new" butt just trying to fit in rap that she engaged. This young rapper is very obviously had some grip on her buttocks, but we are not here to condemn, but to note something nice. Until she admit, it remains only to be curious. 

3. Khloé Kardashian
- Kardashian sisters raised a stir around the world. Extravagant lifestyle of these girls are equally draws sighs and received critical acclaim. Khloe is one of them and if you're her fan, you probably know that it visits the gym daily, working on her appearance, which openly admits. Like many public figures and Khloe have accused for increasing her buttocks. Although she has repeatedly denied that the purpose of increasing the buttocks,
the question remains whether she gained butt with strenuous exercise in the gym or still had a little help.

4. Amber Rose

- Like Khloe, and Amber met with accusations about her buttocks. Many claimed it is fake although there were those who believed that it is real. Although itself does not hide this fact and exposes her body in public in all possible ways, it seems as though this charge is not hardly affected. During the visits in a TV show, she lets one of the guests that the pinch on the butt in order to check whether it is real or not, which was followed by his enthusiastic reaction "it is real!".


5. Blac Chyna
- This girl is more than regularly exposed in public.
Most of her attributes, people worldwide considered fake. Once you have completed any plastic surgery breasts, lips or buttocks, there is no return. Whether she did some modifications on it or not, Blac Chyna enjoys popularity and publishing her photos on Instagram.

6. Melyssa Ford
- Canadian supermodel, almost can compete with the undisputed J Lo. This girl is due to its stature pierced high on the list of celebrities. Most of the girl engaged in similar jobs, point out to her booty when opted for plastic surgery. No wonder it is so, Melyssa is one of the highest paid and most sought-after models, which occurred even in music videos of Jay-Z and Usher.


7. Kylie Jenner
- We come to the famous Kylie. Her curves have become noticed in an incredible rate. Since it is related to the Kardashian sisters, it is either born with their attributes or paid heavily for the same. Her photos on Instagram on which she wrote that she used natural cream to increase the buttocks, did not help take mind of the public with the fact that she used the power of plastic surgery in her favor.


8. Nicki Minaj
- When Nicki appeared on the scene, one "thing" separated her from all the other girls - her buttocks. Her buttocks helped her make a name for herself and to be recognizable. Also, as usual, and she met with accusations that her buttocks are fake. Despite claims that the she was "under the knife", Nicki remains steadfast in her assertion that the natural beauty from head to toe.
9. Coco Austin
- Ice T wife, Coco Austin is absolutely shameless when curves should show to the public. And why should be?! To once silenced all those who claim that her buttocks are fake Coco invited doctors in her talk show "Ice and Coco," which is in front of everyone felt her buttocks and confirmed that the it is real.

10. Kim Kardashian - who else!?
- After J Lo was followed by Kim Kardashian, which literally left us speechless. From the very first moment she set foot on the red carpet, Kim met with accusations of being lifted and filled the bottom. Like Coco and she was challenged to prove that these claims are false. To stop gossips underwent X-ray testing, which found that famous lady had no plastic surgery. 


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