Top 10 countries where sex is guaranteed!

Do you like to travel? The answer is "of course"! Everyone loves to travel, explore the world-famous destination, meeting new people, their culture and the like. Of course, we all counting and hope to put something under "the nuts". However, many countries in the world follow the rules and restrictions when it comes to sex, like 'no sex before marriage' and so on.

But there are many countries that are freer in this respect, where all you need is a nice smile and a seductive wink. Let's not forget that one of the key elements and sexy foreign accent who is more attractive to local girls more then look. Therefore, do not hesitate to talk, although your tongue is not your strong suit. We present here a list of the top 10 countries where sex is guaranteed:

10. Russia
Russia is famous for beautiful young women, and when you combine severely cold weather with vodka on a liter, success is guaranteed.

9. Poland
Poland is perhaps one of the countries that has a long history and preserve its cultural heritage, but it is still one of the countries in which the routines that evening ends up under the sheets.

8. Philippines
Filipino are the hottest women of Southeast Asia and incredibly crazy for white-skinned men and they don't hide that, and they can easily win.

7. Ukraine
What was it again for women of Eastern Europe ?! Do not let political conflicts and unrest in the neighborhood influence to take an adventure on the way. Once you arrive, you will not regret.

6. Japan
Despite the fact that Japanese women look very shy, according to various surveys they like those high and well-built men with whom they can talk in fluent English - in bed, of course.

5. Estonia
If you're the kind of guy who likes blondes with free sexual attitude then it's time to book a ticket for Estonia.

4. Brazil
What more can you expect from a country best known except coffee and football by women with unparalleled beauty?

3. Thailand
One of the world's top tourist destinations with an incredible increase in tourists in recent years because of natural resources, because of the beautiful woman. But as they say, it is best to visit with an "open mind" attitude.

2. Latvia
Latvia is one of the countries that is at the top of the charts in the female population to freely and safely express femininity and sexuality. 

1. Colombia
And, we came to the top of Top 10 countries where sex is guaranteed. At the top of the list is Colombia. Country, with its diverse culture and amazing landscapes, filled with lively, dark-haired and dark-skinned beauties. 


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