Students asked the professor why he is not yet married, and his answer left them in wonder

Students kept asking their professor: "You are so wise and honest. Everyone respect you, they want to imitate and follow you. Yet, all of us are very interested in one thing, why do you still have not got married? "

Professor, caught this issue, initially was reluctant, but soon began to open, saying ...

"See, I was always looking for the perfect woman!

And in that search, I have traveled many countries. I once loved a beautiful girl. She was incredibly, incredibly beautiful. No man could resist her beauty. But unfortunately, her soul didn't had such beauty, and we are after a while parted.

After that I met another young girl. She was intelligent and beautiful and educated. But unfortunately, our characters were completely different and we had to terminate our relationship.

I've seen since then a lot of beautiful women, but I am still searching for that is my perfect."

"So what happened, did you have never met such?"

"Yes. I met her! One day she appeared: The perfect woman - smart, beautiful, charming, spirited, stylish, good ... simple words: just perfection!"

"And then you get married ?!" - enthusiastically and eagerly asked the students in unison.

"Not! To my great disappointment, it turned out that she is looking for the perfect man!!!"

Many seek perfection in others, but do not work on their perfection.


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