Scientifically proven: Sex is the best diet, here's why ...

We all know that sex can cheer us up, filled with positive energy and improve our day ...

Also, we know that it can ward off stress and anxiety in our environment, and empty your thoughts, feeling at the same absolute bliss. However, even though you know that during sex you burn calories, probably do not know how many calories. This is very important information, you will be delighted if you are on a regime of diet and trying to take off excess weight.

That this knowledge came a research team from Montreal, who gladly shared this information with the rest of the world. So, according to their data, during one sexual contact man burns about 100 calories, while women spend around 69. Should be taken into account that the time needed for this to burn this calories, is about 25 minutes. Of course if it is a long-time, consumption is higher, so do not waste time and get with it.

As many as 20 couples agreed to participate in this study. They have been wearing special devices that measured the consumption of calories while they indulged passions. When this energy is compared with that which can be achieved with, for example running, it can be concluded that you should have sex twice more to compensate for the loss of calories you achieve running. So, there you are in trouble, more sex. 

Results obtained were collected in couples who practiced missionary position. Namely, when a woman are "on top," her loss calories jumps from 69 to 169. On the other hand, when it comes to "doggy style", values are almost equal, women 100 - men 110. If you like oral sex, here's an interesting item. Your beloved will lose twice more calories if she please you this way, than you would if you please her this way. It is 80 to 160 calories in her favor. A good argument if you are trying to get her to this act.


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