Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin - just how rich is he?

In the period from 1999 to 2000, Putin was prime minister of Russia, and later became president. A few years later, at that point he was replaced by Dmitry Medvedev, who re-appointed him as prime minister, where he stayed until 2012, when it once again proved to be the real leader of the Russian people and again became president. During his reign, he reduced taxes, introducing a series of new laws and is known as a person who supports the nuclear industry.

He was born on October 7, 1952 in Leningrad, where he received his education, and since 1983, he is married to Lyudmila, with whom he has two children, Yekaterina and Maria. He is the man that accompany many mysteries, strange details and anecdotes, as when he was surrounded by reporters, out of the murky waters of the Black Sea, covered with the remains of ancient treasures. Of course, it was a PR trick, which achieved its purpose - Putin was presented as a powerful persona, a judo master, a lover of animals and absolute ruler of Russia.

A little later, he spontaneously donated 10,000 euros wristwatch to a little boy, a large number of people made to ask the question - whether Vladimir Vladimirovich somewhere has buried treasure, and as a politician with reported earnings of $ 140,000 can live a life filled with luxury watches and palaces?

All in all, Vladimir Putin lives real life of the Russian tsar and has many riches. Here are just some of them.

Nice watch is one of the many luxury amenities that many can not afford. But when you have a lot of money, expensive clock is one of the first things that you will buy. Putin has the most expensive collection of clocks, when we look at all the world's leaders. Barack Obama and Francois Hollande have clocks that are worth less than $ 200, but Putin has a collection whose value is estimated at $ 750,000. The most expensive piece from his collection Lange & Sohne edition, which is covered with crystal glass and a golden needles, which cost about half a million dollars.

Most of us would be happy if we had the opportunity to own at least one yacht in life. But, for Vladimir Putin, one boat was not sufficient. It has a fleet consisting of four yachts, strategically placed in his country. Apparently, a yacht is received as a gift of the richest Russians, which raises the question of what he had done for them, in order to obtain such a precious expression of their gratitude. His most famous yacht costs about $ 37 million, has a professionally designed interior, a wine cellar filled with exclusive releases and pool with waterfall.

Vladimir Putin has always loved cars. As we found out, the first car was a gift from his mother, who had won the lottery. He was then in the third year of university. When he grew up, he made up for all the shortcomings that had during his youth, after all, he is the most powerful man in Russia. How many cars exactly? The latest list of its car fleet has 700 vehicles, which is 699 more than the needs of one person. He even possesses a Formula 1 car, but says that his favorite those that are made in Russia. The most expensive car in its fleet specific sedan, designed just for him.


On rare occasions, each of us might go by private plane, usually to a remote location, for a very special occasion. For Putin, private planes are an everyday thing. In addition to the presidential plane, Putin's extravagance goes much further. He seems to want to own a plane every size, which he will be available daily. It has a total of 43 aircraft, of which the estimated value of one billion dollars. 

Toilet of $ 75,000

We have already mentioned the love of extravagance Russian Pesident, but a key element of luxury in one of its planes was the toilet of $ 75,000. It's probably the best way of showing its consumer habits and gives enough reason for waking media attention.

It has 20 massive holdings in the country, which cost several billion dollars. All his palaces were luxurious and high quality, and the most impressive structures in the Italian style, which is worth a billion dollars. This project has been shrouded in secrecy during construction, so that the media didn't have access to the property.

After 43 planes, would ever occur to you to buy a helicopter? Well, Putin came to mind. Its helicopter fleet is armed to the teeth, just in case if some ignorant wretch comes to mind to try to harm him. Putin is still slightly below the Barack Obama when talking about helicopters - Obama's fleet is worth around $ 20 billion. However, when you count the number of cars and planes, helicopters act as redundant. The most impressive helicopter of his fleet is Mi-8, which is fully adapted to his wishes, safety and comfort. 

Vladimir Putin is somewhat like the ancient ruler - has enough power to rule half the planet. He definitely considers himself a king, and has a staff member whose job is tasting all meals. Because of the possibility of poisoning, Putin has decided to provide the best possible manner. Although you would never have thought that nowadays there are positions food tasters, Putin taster work all day. We have to mention that the US President also has food taster.


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