Do women like unshaven men?

Some people like unshaven appearance with short or full beard, which is, if you watch TV or read magazines, outdated fashion. Mostly, women over forty consider unshaven men messy and lazy, while young girls do not really mind.

Here are a few reasons why some men do not shave their beard:

1. Younger women will like it if they grow beard.

2. beard hide bad skin or acne scars.

It is easier to maintain a beard, because constant shaving is not necessary, and in this way you don't damage the skin.

4. Today, the media decide what is in vogue. When you turn on the TV, you will see that most of the models and actors decided to unshaven look. So, it may simply be a trend that they decided to follow.

In Australia surveyed, which included men and women between 16 and 34 years. They talked about the pros and cons of beardless men and those with a beard. Men also attach importance to this decoration on the face. 75% of them said it was the beard feels more masculine and attractive, while 68% of them say that the beard in a positive way, it affects them and make them feel special. 

The women agreed that men with a beard are sexier. Men with beard, women seem more elegant, as adventurers and individualists.
Another study found that to women, beards are significantly more attractive than freshly shaven cheeks, but this is not the rule. In other words, in a cafe filled with a smooth shaven men, men with beard will be the most attractive. Or, if cafe full beards, then shaved men will attract the attention.

Sometimes it seems that the old saying that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder is true. You can not judge and decide who looks good and who's not. Like any trend, this will fade with time. Next year is likely to be a new look in fashion. 


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