Science Explains: Why Do Men Love Breasts So Much?

Men have always been fascinated with women's breasts, and women do not yet understand fully the male obsession.

Studies have shown that men during interactions retain views of the respective female attributes up to 10 seconds longer than the rest of the body. Perhaps the most extreme example of this "obsession" illustrated by the fact that in the 18th century in Spain established sternomantia, a discipline in which, from the appearance of the female breast, interpreted the character and sexuality of women. For example, for women with breasts like "fox muzzle" was considered to be smart and restrained, but in life they do not achieve a great deal because of their laziness and lack of initiative. These divisions do not stop in the 18th century. Italian sexologist Pietro Lorenzoni held that the characteristics of each woman and her sexual temperament associated with size and shape of the breast, and to categorize breast forms using fruits like melon, lemon or orange. It is interesting that such divisions are practiced mostly by men.

It is important that each men is individual for himself. As for the female breast, there is more psychological level. The first is instinctive level. A man chooses a woman who is able to give birth, and scientific studies have shown that men choose women whose body has an hourglass shape, with lush breasts and wide pelvis. Just look figurines and Venus dating from ancient times - says sexologist, noting that these statues had exaggerated breasts and hips, which is proof that even then all was directed towards greater fertility.

Men's obsession with female breasts often has nothing to do with sexual urges.
- The second level is an attachment of some men in the chest, which indicates an unmet need of these men in relation to the mother. Nowadays is more common for women to spend more time at work so they do not have time for children.
For individuals that had a great impact, so in breasts see what they missed. Security provided by the mother - says sexologist, who adds that in the era of industrialization this phenomenon is increasingly common. 

What is important to note, is the third level, it is the fact that love is linked to breast and heart, more than in any other part of the body, which speaks to the fact that the men need love as much as women. 

5 Reasons why men love breasts
- Soothe usSubconsciously, they remind one of the earliest childhood when they were fed and provided a sense of security, stability and protection.

- The symbol of fertilityWomen's breasts in males indicate women's ability to provide and maintain life, care and tenderness.

- An important erogenous zoneMen know that women's breasts are extremely sensitive, and therefore important erogenous zone. Since every man wants to give a woman pleasure, knows that breasts have an important role, and will try to study them.

- Pleasing to the eye

Men are visual types and excites them what they see. That is why often look at women's breasts, even when it is not polite. They know that this is one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to sexuality.

- The influence of societyPerhaps it would be better to say that, in fact, talking about the impact of the media due to the fact that we are daily exposed to a large number of photos of women's breasts. Because they constantly bombard us with such information, men become programmed - a woman's breasts are the subject of desire.


  1. Female breasts have a lot of power.
    Every adult man was a child one day and female breasts bring us back to that childhood that time has taken away from us.

  2. What I believe it's a fusion of diverse entertainment as man lives in fantasy world and when they get chance to explor,they do it the most .


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