Oral sex is good for women's health!

It is believed that oral sex does not affect in particular to women's health, however, doctors have their own opinion on this subject.

The advantages of oral sex, as it turns out, can not be underestimated. In the men's semen there are valuable minerals, which have the effect of strengthening the gum. Zinc and calcium, which are part of the semen affect the recovery of enamel. In addition, oral sex significantly reduces the incidence of caries.

Semen contains the hormone prostaglandin. When it get into the woman's body, stimulates the production of female hormones such as estrogen. Estrogen improves skin and hair, in fact, increases the volume of the breast and thighs. However, the effect is achieved only when a woman swallows! 

Oral sex stimulates the nerve endings on the lips and produces the hormone oxytocin, which has a relaxing effect. Sperm containing lipids and amino acids that help women to cure stomach diseases - such as gastritis, colitis, ulcers.

But, constant contact with the sperm body gets used to, and immune system not consider as foreign proteins. Many women, who are for the first time faced with oral sex, wonder about the taste of sperm. In fact, the taste of sperm - it is something between the taste of sea water and egg whites. Tang can cause onion or garlic, for example. A balanced diet of a partner - vegetables, fruit and fresh juices can improve the taste of sperm. 

In fact, only sperm of a healthy man is able to have a beneficial effect on the health of women. In addition, semen can be different density in different men. For example, in some semen is liquid, while the other takes the form of firmer.

From oral sex will benefit in the case of mutual satisfaction and confidence in partners.


  1. Thx.. i will share it to my GF 😜😜

  2. You know what is really good for women? Men who don’t write crap like this.

  3. right until they get oral gonorrhea and throat cancer


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