Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?

At some point in 2012 - between the arrival of Magic Mike, the ascent of One Direction, David Beckham's clothing promotions, and the Lochte/Phelps standoff at the Summer Olympics - me got the idea that they should have a shaved chest. Waxathons and razor smolder followed and grown up men began going around bare as infants. We're not saying there isn't a sure speak to going smooth (abs look harder, less build up gets caught, no more tufts jabbing out of your neckline) yet you're not a magazine advertisement - you're a man. What's more, evolution wanted you to have hair. Thankfully the pendulum's swinging back for the hirsute. (Particularly in case you're a part of the beards boom, because hairless torso doesn't go with a bearded face.) Like your eyebrows, mid-section hair shouldn't look groomed, yet it ought to be short, clean, and contained. In case you're hearing  "carpet" or getting questions about vitamin D retention, check yourself against some of our chesty hair symbols like Henry Cavil, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, or Bradley Cooper.

The most effective method to Reach Peak Pectoral Fuzz:

Utilize a trimmer intended for the body (like the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100) to bring down hair that is too thick or long to around a half inch. Try not to do this immediately after showering, but wait until the skin dry (you'll miss the wet hairs adhering to your skin) and make sure to force skin rigid before humming. Move the scissors toward the grain, and don't skip any hair at your belt line.

What Six Real Live Women Say About Chest Hair:

Some really care, others are more forgiving. Lesson learned: just do what she wants.

"I like chest hair, it reminds me I'm not laying in bed with Justin Bieber. But if it's all patchy or only hairy around the nipples, trim it down." -Mary C.

"I’d much rather see a little (or a lot, whatever!) hair than feel a bunch of rough stubble." -Ashley M.

"Personally, I need that shit to be pretty fucking trimmed. If your naked body was a rock tour, your chest hair should not be the headliner. Clip it, trim it, shave it—whatever you need to do to get it at a nice respectable level of ’background actor.’ A good indicator is whether or not your shirt can lay flat to your body. If there’s any level of hair-induced puffiness, it’s time to charge the trimmer.”– Naomi P.

"In college, I dated a guy who shaved his chest. I was surprised at first, but it never really turned me off. He was confident, manly, and his bushy eyebrows mostly made up for the smoothly shaved chest. In the world of hair/no hair, there are way worse things than shaved chests." – Megan D.

"A little trimming is fine. Be a man, for god’s sake."-Catherine D

"Depends on the guy: if he is rugged and outdoorsy, chest hair is a must. If he is a city dude with style, I can do without. When it comes to chest hair, it’s all about your personality." – Jennifer J.


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