Icona Vulcano - first supercar made of titanium

Nowadays, when roads and race tracks are ruled by beasts like Bugatti Chiron, One: 1 from Koenigsegg, Rimac Concept One or some of the top models from the most famous "dream factory" such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or similar competitors, it is difficult to leave a significant impression on auto industry and car enthusiasts. However, from time to time, somewhere in the shadows  some examples appear which will, nevertheless, raise enough dust to intrigue by its new technology or something that, so far, came to mind to none. Engineers from Italian design house Icon, chose that particular way, and the result is a car whose inspiration is SR-71 Blackbird, the plane that still holds the record as the fastest plane in the world.

We're not sure what are the links with the legendary SR-71 plane, but what impresses us is that for the bodywork of car titanium is used, combined with carbon fiber, a single body is work of art on whitch it has been spent more than 10 000 hours of manual labor. It is powered by an enhanced V8 supercharged engine from the Corvette ZL1 known that, in this case, is developing 670 horsepower. All this is enough to erupt to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and stops only at a maximum of 340 km / h. The gallery we bring you show's what it looks like, the first car in the world made of titanium. Of course, all this is quite costly, with a price tag of £ 2.1 million, in one thing we are sure, we will not buy it.


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