Guy goes on holiday with his mum, ends up partying with five porn stars!

This is Dave. Dave is happy asshole. Dave had just graduated from college and went with his mother and sister on vacation! Destination? Maui, Hawaii. And now, Dave is happy asshole. In the same hotel where they stayed had just played out two birthday parties. Alexis Texas, Jesse J, Monique Alexander, Blair Bananas and Nikki Benz also had their celebration. If someone told you this story, you would not believe him. But Dave has pictures.

 Lucky asshole. They met when Dave's sister hit inflatable kayak in the head while they were at the pool, as the girls noticed and decided to help. It was an ordinary Tuesday when our Dave finished the first crazy party with Alexis, Monique and Nikki Benz. Drunk were at the pool, laughed and enjoyed. Discuss the sport and fought because not cheering for the same teams. Happy Dave says they were very friendly and denies any physical activity, but we don't believe him.

Second day, from the morning started fun, but with good alcohol is started from noon. The girls were very well entertained and invited Dave to join them in the evening. Changed the numbers with Alexis and agreed that further socialize and see. The party moved on, and our Dave was so drunk that at 4 pm already lies in ruins.

The next day when they returned from diving, again went too far with the booze. Too short, said happy asshole Dave. Basically, after afternoon party they went home to rest and prepare for the evening party. Alexis called.

Dave passed out from alcohol and did not wake up until the next day, when they are already gone on the plane.

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  1. Who the fuck wrote this, go back to school


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