Presa Canario - the ultimate K9 protector!

If you have not heard of the Canary dog, do not be surprised. Canary dog is often confused with Cane Corso, but it is a completely different race. Canary dog race that was primarily created by the Spanish farmers for working with cattle and protection. Name Perro de Presa Canario means "Canarian catch dog". The dog was used to capture unruly cattle, and their restraint and mastering for the purpose of slaughter.

Canary dog really looks fearless and somewhat scary. It belongs to the large dogs and can be quite massive. It features a shorter muzzle and longer your traps. Males can be 60–65 cm tall (25 inches) and weight 45-65 kg (100-140 lb). The breasts are developed and broad. The last part of the body slightly raised. The skin is thin, the bones strong with a powerful musculature. Can be tan or brindle different colors, sometimes with white marks on the chest. The ears are the birth bent in the middle, so owners often opt for cropping. The tail is also in most cases cut. However, this dog is beautiful animals to be admired.

However, this dog should not experience lightly. Canary dog requires a lot of attention and proper training. This breed can be quite aggressive if not socialized and trained on time, it is not recommended to people who do not have extensive experience with dogs.

Of course,
when devote enough attention and proper training, this dog becomes a faithful protector that will allow for life to show immense love.


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