10 Things That Men and Women Do Differently

In addition to physical differences that separate the men from the women, there are some other differences that you do not notice every day, but which are very present. Interestingly, simple things such as dressing or washing hands men work differently than women. We are sure about you've never thought nor have noticed these differences. That's why we decided to help them introduce:

Getting Naked
Most of the men put their hands behind back and pulls up shirt, up the spine. Women usually grab parts of shirts with hand on the opposite side and pull shirt up. This is no difference between the sexes but it comes to a simple fact - women's clothing is mostly clung to the body and must be so taken off.

Showing Their Hands
When you ask a man to show you hands, they will show the palms. For who knows what reason, when you ask women to show you hands they will show you top side.

Tossing Balls
Men do usually throw the ball above their head, while women begin by lifted from the bottom up and often throw with both hands. Why this is so, no one knows.

A woman will put her hand on her mouth when yawning, while the men will put his fist. Probably this is so because the palm on the lips is considered a much more feminine.

Hearing Sounds
Women hear "high" tone and are "programmed" to hear the voice of a child while crying, while the man is able to sleep. Women also better determine the direction from which the sound comes.

Sitting Down
This is somewhat what you surely noticed. Women usually cross their legs and often twisting around one another, while the men spread and move away knees from one another. This is probably due to different ways of dressing, because it is not very pleasant to women in tight skirts sitting with her legs spread.

Right & Left
Men almost never mixed left and right. However, many women admit they sometimes have problems with it. And driving instructors say it happens that when they say woman "Turn right", they will go to the left.

How We See
And the sense of sight is different in women and men. Although we all see the same thing, men have the so-called "tunnel vision". They are able to see better at a distance and can detect small details. This is because men always been hunters and they kind of developed in such a way that they can focus on things in the distance. Women, on the other hand, have far better peripheral vision. Studies have shown that the cause of that because women were the ones who took care of the offspring, so they needed such a vision to see what is happening around them. Therefore, once said that women have eyes on the back of the head.

Women usually tie bathrobe tightly around the waist, while the men loosely tie a little above the hips. Some believe that women are doing so in order to highlight their figure.

Dealing With Drama
"Often, when a woman has a problem, she will talk about it with her mom, her best friend, her husband, even with the person sitting next to her on the bus. She’ll write about it in her diary, she’ll send a text message to someone revealing all, or she’ll leave posts on social networks. The more she discusses her problem, the easier it is for her. A problem shared with others doesn’t feel so difficult to cope with. When a man has a problem, on the other hand, he’s far more likely to lie in front of the TV and sulk in silence. He copes with stress by distracting himself from his problems. And when he feels calmer, he start’s searching for a solution to whatever’s wrong — and he does it on his own. Coming to him with advice and suggestions will just annoy him."


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