5 genius grilling hacks shared by Dad, Will Bring Your Grilled Burgers To The Next Level

Everyone loves a grilled burger (except vegetarians), so why not figure out how to take your barbecuing abilities to an unheard of level? Some of the worlds best known grillers uncovered the key to making the best tasting burger you've ever had, and it's less difficult than you at any point envisioned.

Getting the title of "Grill Master" from your family and friends is simple just if you know these expert tricks of grilling and barbecue through ICE!

Yes, ICE! These capricious master tips will help you! Read on to know more:

Ice your burgers!

Tired of your meat getting to be noticeably tough and dry after it's been on the barbecue for quite a while? For juicy and clammy meat for the burger patty, you only nee to put an ice amidst it while it cooks! Adding a little bit of butter will also help.

Heat only half your grill!

You read that right! To abstain from overcooking your meat and to keep it warm yet not consume it, simply put coal on one side of your barbecue. Warm one side while keeping the other half cool. Once cooked put the pieces on the cooler side of the barbecue while you barbecue the rest, thus keeping it warm and nice and not overcooked and burnt.

Brine your fish!

Brine is salt water solution. And by soaking your fish in brine water for 10 mins before you start cooking it will prevent your fish from falling apart on the grill.

Apple juice spray

Showering your meat with squeezed apple while it cooks will enhance the taste and delicacy of meat. Squeezed apple is likewise utilized as a BBQ sauce. So simply pour the juice in a jug and begin spraying!

Pre Grill

Yes! You can grill your burgers up to 4 hours before you really serve them. Cooking them till its almost done and then hurl them back on grill to warmth them up when required. 'Almost done' is critical here as it will help you to spare a ton of time to go through with your visitors and furthermore will ensure that your burgers are not over cooked!

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