She Had Sex For 365 Days Straight. Guess What It Did For Her Marriage?

Relationship with my husband and my body is incredibly changed. Now, three years later, we still have sex every night, says Brittany.
Brittany Gibbons, a mother of three from Britain, honestly told why she decided to have sex every day for a year.

She reveals that she did it, and only for herself, because one day, when she look in the mirror, something inside her snapped.

"Three years ago I had sex every day and it lasted a year. I immediately preempt your questions - no, it was not with 365 different men, but only one - my husband. And yes, even when I had my period. I have no idea what my kids are doing while I'm having sex. And finally, no, I did not do that to save my marriage, but to preserve myself" - begins her story writer Brittany Gibbons.

Shortly after I gave birth for the third time, I remember that I went out of the tub, I saw myself in the mirror and asked myself: 'What is my mother doing in the bathroom?' 'From that moment on, I did not allow myself to be naked. I extinguished the lights during sex, clothing skirt stomach and chest and was waiting for my husband to leave the room to changed dress.

As the years passed, the absence of my naked body began to worry me. Is my husband Andy still remembered what I look like naked?

It crossed my mind to have sex every night, year after discussions with a friend who is also doing it every night.

The idea of having sex every day a year sounded repulsive to me, but also somewhat intriguing because it made me look at my naked body every day. The sheets will surely at some point move and the lights will stay on, right?

Andy is, as I expected, immediately agreed and the whole year, except for when we were traveling, a stomach virus separated, we had sex.

The beginning was difficult. The thought that every night I need to have sex before going to sleep, and that I worked all day and struggled with three children, I was very strained. I wanted to be just hatched on the bed, eating cereal and watching TV.

But as the months passed, I began to look forward to it. Sex has become more than sex and some special feelings are awakened. We were more romantic, we touched and kissed more passionately every morning before going to work. Our relationship has become stronger and better because under the sheets all flourished.

Again I enjoyed the sex and in my body and I finally stopped hiding my physical shortcomings and eagerly accepted them. For the first time, I was burdened with the fact that sex is better, but whether my stomach from this angle, it looks smaller.
After a year, I stopped completely to wear clothes. Relaxed I walked naked to the bathroom, preparing lunch in their underwear. The connection with my husband and my body changed to an amazing way.

Now, three years later, we still have sex every night. Oh dear, I'm kidding, of course not!

From all this we learned how much sex we need in order to be happy in marriage and that there is no end of the world if you pass two weeks without sex. I have learned that I am a better wife, a better mother and a better women when I was sure of myself and I feel good about myself. Regular sex in marriage does not seem resistant to divorce or immune to infidelity, but it helps me to get more confidence.

In the end, it was never about someone wants me, but I want myself. And it took me only a year of sex to see that.


  1. That's the best body a "mommy" body the stretch marks the little belly OMG I don't know why women don't embrace this

  2. Replies
    1. it doesn't count if you're on your own!

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  4. Good lord I wish my wife would do this. We’ve been together for 17 years and she has become so self conscious and prudish that sex and showing any skin at all is damn near taboo.


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