President Orders Citizens to Work Naked

The latest trend in Belarus is taking photos in the workplace or in the course of a business, but with no clothes.

Belarusians are massively photographed naked at work and post pictures on social networks.

As they say, they only listen to their President Alexander Lukashenko. 

- You know what to do, how to do and what goals to achieve. Everything is simple, innovation, IT technologies, privatization ... We've already done that - said Lukashenko at a recent gathering. 

He then said "we need to develop and work," but to say razvivatsa (develop it) and razdevatsa (take off clothes) sound very similar, Belarus adopted the latter as a command. 

So now Instagram, for example, filled with an image of naked people working in offices, sew, work in the fields, painted, blown packs, etc. If you want to see more of these interesting photos, they are published under the hashtag #раздеватьсяиработать 


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