Why Angry Sex Is Better Than Making Love

The best sex ever is angry sex. Mean old, goading, seethe inciting, blood-bubbling, head-steaming, furious, angry, angry sex! Makeup sex and angry sex are really exceptional and energetic encounters that may make having a battle or two justified, despite all the trouble basically to encounter the delights of unadulterated furious enthusiasm. Here's the reasons:


 It Brings Out The Alpha Male 

The great thing about angry sex is that it brings out the alpha male in every men. You really feel like you're punishing your women, and that makes you feel so powerful. "Making love" makes you feel more like a feminine figure rather than a man.

No Strings Attached

Another great thing about angry sex is it feels like there's no emotional weight to do anything, say anything, or act a specific path during sex. It's simply... sex! You can disregard love, sentiment and those stupid things and simply appreciate the sensation.

It's A Better Workout 

One thing's without a doubt - angry sex will give you a vastly improved work out then boring love making. That's because the guy is hammering the girl so hard that he's probably pushing himself right to the limit. What's more, in light of the fact that the lady's body is getting "hammered", it's a genuine exercise for her too.

You Can Blow Off Some Steam

Can't stand your manager? Did somebody you hate simply win the lottery? Feeling down about life in general? At that point angry sex is the ideal approach to let out some steam, frustration and vent all of feelings. You'll feel better after taking all of those frustrations out on your girlfriend's body, provided she's into it of course.

You Can Get It Done Fast

Angry sex is likewise the ideal kind of sex for when you've just got a couple of minutes. That is on the grounds that the person doesn't generally think about making the sex session long and pleasurable for the lady, it's about him getting what HE needs as speedy as would be prudent.

It's Natural

Ever watched a nature documentary? All creatures appear to have angry sex. You can see it when the lions engage in sexual relations with their females, they're thundering and scratching the backs of their mates like there's no tomorrow. On the off chance that it's normal in the set of all animals, it must be the correct approach to do it!

It's Fun To Try New Things

Couples often get stuck in their ways when it comes to sex. It gets really repetitive when you just have slow missionary sex every single time. Spicing things up with hate sex can add a whole new dimension to your sex life that you didn't even know was possible.

It's Passionate

When you hear the words "angry sex" you most likely accept that it has no passionate significance, and it's quite careless sex. However, angry sex can really be exceptionally energetic. This is particularly the situation when couple has been fighting and they have a huge amount of anger for each other. Anger sex can be a to a great degree enthusiastic and energetic thing, and that just makes the sex all the more pleasurable.

Stronger Orgasms
Any girl will tell you that hate sex results in some of the strongest orgasms ever. They just can't control it. When a guy really lets loose and begins to unleash on a girl's body, their mind reacts and overflows them with extremely high amounts of pleasure and multiple, powerful orgasms.


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