15 Female Nerdy Characters Who Are Actually Super Hot

In Hollywood the word “ugly” doesn’t exactly mean what it does to the rest of us. This is based on an ancient study that moviegoers won’t enjoy watching “realistic” ugly people on screen.

Therefore, you have truly lovely and even beautiful people dressed down to look “normal” or boring compared to their radiant costars. Unfortunately, in that category is where you will find “nerds” but these nerds are like nerds 2.0. No embarrassing acne, no forehead too giant for their faces.

In Hollywood nerdy guys are just nerdy guys, but the girls, well, they’re “hot” nerds. We rounded them up and decided these 15 were the best of the best and the furthest from reality.

15. Alex Dunphy- Modern Family

14. Annie Edison- Community

13. Wendy Watson- The Middleman

12. Liz Lemon – 30 Rock

11. Temperance Brennan – Bones

10. Anita Lesnicki – Jennifer’s Body

9. Nell Jones – NCIS: Los Angeles

8. Laney Boggs – She’s All That

7. Winifred Burkle – Angel

6. Willow Rosenberg – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

5. Abby Sciuto – NCIS

4. Angela Bennett – The Net

3. Bernadette – The Big Bang Theory

2. Jess – New Girl

1. Felicity Smoak – Arrow


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