Top 6 male perfume for summer 2017

These fragrances will help you to be a real seducer ...

Perfumes are our best friends, especially when hot summer days com. Perfumes are there to say that we take care of ourselves and that in any situation we like to smell nice. Though we do primarily for ourselves, with the help of a good perfume and fragrances, it is much easier to win the heart desired girl and attract attention in society.

Since the summer finally comes, we must choose a perfume that would suit this season. Summer fragrances must be strong and must be fresh, otherwise he would suffocate you and people around you. Men have a lot of problems when it comes to choice of perfume, because sometimes they do not know which fragrant note to decide.

Therefore, we decided to present you perfumes that you must have this summer.

1. Arquiste — L’Etrog Acqua

2. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue EDP Collector’s Edition 

3. Le Labo — Bergamote 22

4. Tom Ford — Sole Di Positano

5. Histoires de Parfums — 1828

6. Hawthorne for Men — Work & Play


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