How to Stay FIT during the Holidays

It's hard to keep the pounds under control when the holiday table is in front of us every day ...

Wintertime is always a problem for anyone struggling with excess weight. During this time we go to celebrations, New Year's dinners, Christmas lunches, and during the holidays we mostly spend time at home with friends, which is why we are not very active.

All this affects the accumulation of fat in our body and causes it to grow rapidly. So what to do in this period and how to keep the pounds under control?
First of all, you need to keep your diet moderate and by no means overeat. If you do this, then you will certainly gain weight, because nothing can melt away the huge amount of calories you ingest. But if you adhere to your diet regimen and stay moderate during the holidays, then we present a great holiday workout to help you burn excess calories and keep your weight in check.

You need to do the following exercises:
Exercise 1: Squat Jump
This exercise will activate your muscles and fatigue you well, burning excess fat. This will activate the muscles of your legs.
Exercise 2: Push-ups
This exercise will activate your chest and back and help you burn more calories.  
Exercise 3: The Russian Twist
This exercise will activate your abdomen and abdominal muscles, so you will be in even better shape. 
Exercise 4: Jumping rope or shadow boxing
Lastly, do a cardio exercise like jumping a rope to help you burn off excess fat. If you don't have a rope, then do one shadow box. You don't need a punching bag for this one, you just need to simulate the punches and move around a lot. After these exercises, you will get tired and sweaty and also eliminate the excess calories you put in during the holiday feasts. 


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