Top 10 action movies of all time

These are the movies that every man must watch at least once ...

The film industry is growing and is currently one of the most profitable industries in the world. Ever since the first movie was shown, people have been fascinated by this technology and the way they tell the story across the screen.

Although there are many movie genres, men always agree on the best, which is ACTION. Action movies are the most popular and you will find the most choices in this genre. While science fiction and comedies are also great, action movies bring the excitement we need.

These movies make us stand on the edge of our chairs when we watch them, and the nervousness, unexpectedness and support of the hero always make us feel good.

We wondered what were the best and most popular action movies that men adore. We did a little survey and came up with the following list.

Here are the movies:

 Die Hard
Rambo: First Blood

The Raid 2: Redemption

Enter the Dragon
 The Bourne Identity

John Wick
Terminator 2

Kill BIll



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