Science Says: People Who Are Always Late Live Longer

Here's what the latest research has shown ...

According to a new study by experts at Harvard, being late might actually be good for your health.

Stress has become a part of everyday life and we are sure that you all regularly encounter stressful situations that you can hardly affect. Although we are all used to stress, the fact is that it badly affects our body and destroys us mentally and physically. It is slowly becoming the most dangerous disease of the 21st century, as the modern and fast-paced life in which we live makes us constantly hurry somewhere and look at the clock constantly.

However, there are people who do not care about it and who are constantly late. It is these individuals who will have a happier, longer life, at least in the opinion of scientists and doctors.

People who are constantly looking at the clock and who are never late are going through high doses of stress, and this stress causes them to be nervous and anxious, which eventually leads to a shorter life span. Relaxed and phlegmatic people who are late are simply not looking at it as a problem and as a result are undergoing less stress, causing them to live longer.

So if you want to live longer and celebrate your 100th birthday, then relax a bit and allow yourself to be late here and there occasionally.   

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  1. That's why women lives longer than their husbands


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