How perfect women look in different countries of the world

The concept of beauty is not the same everywhere and can be viewed differently in different parts of the world ...

It is enough to go to other countries in Europe and you will realize that the concept of beauty has some other meaning, especially when it comes to the beauty of women. When you step a little further and visit the more distant lands of our planet, then that difference in beauty becomes even larger and more noticeable.

Some cultures prefer tall women with light skin and prominent features, while other countries find that women should have thicker eyebrows, darker skin, and even crooked teeth.

So we decided to show you what "perfect" women look like in different countries of the world and what is considered the most attractive in these countries.

South Korea


Saudi Arabia





New Zealand



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  1. Come on, the Padaung are just a single Tribe in Myanmar, If you'd present a Karen or a Naga Girl there would be no Girafee Neck.. this is simply ridiculous.


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