Do girls like hairy men ???

This is a question many men ask ...

We can freely call this decade of the 21st century an era of shaving. Although this is a normal thing for women, men have begun to shave in places where it was previously unacceptable. Let's say we agree on shaving private parts and underarms. Hygiene still comes first, but why men shave their chest?

The hairs on the chest do not cause any problems or cause an unpleasant odor. They simply show that you are a man with a lot of testosterone. Still, a large number of men shave their chest. The question is - why?

Several different polls have given us the answer. Men are convinced that they look nicer if they do not have hair on their chest. Men say women despise hair and think they look much more attractive and beautiful when they have shaved chest. Some added that hair conceals their muscles, so their workout at the gym does not look good, while others added that without hair they look neater. Still, we wanted to see what women thought about this topic and whether they liked hairy men. Although we do a lot of things because of looks, we will do everything if we are more attractive to women. 
Ana (32): “Men are men and they need to have hair. I don't mind and even think it's sexy if a man has hairy breasts. "

Michaela (28): “I can endure all the hair, but not the hair on the back. Men with hairy backs are disgusting to me and not attractive at all. "

lilly (40): “I don't see what the problem is if a man is hairy. One should probably know which one is male and which one is female. Today, borders have been lost and it seems to me that men are more depressed than women. "

Mary (30): “I do not like excessively hairy men. I don't mind if they are hairier arms and legs, but I don't like hairs on chest and back. It simply repels me.

Joanna (32): “If a man is hairy on his chest then it doesn't bother me, but if he only has a few hairs, or if he has those disgusting hairs around his navel and belly, it can't be sexy at all and it's better to have those hairs remove. " 

These are just some of the comments but the point is the same. Other ladies gave similar answers, from which we can conclude that women are not bothered by hairy men and that some even prefer it. Of course, if you are excessively hairy, then we understand that you want to get rid of some hairy parts, but the point is that you do not have to wax and be ashamed of your hair because it is a masculine characteristic that women like. 


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