The deadliest beings on the planet

Introducing the animals that cause the most deaths annually ...

As you know for yourself, there are animals that are very dangerous and cause a huge number of deaths. You have probably heard of some of them, and for some you certainly had no idea they were so dangerous. So we decided to reveal to you what species are the biggest killers on the planet. 

 10. Hippopotamus - kills 500 people every year

9. Tapeworms - 700 deaths in one year

8. Crocodile - kill 1000 people every year

7. Ascariasis worm - 4500 deaths in one year 

6. Tsetse - it kills 10,000 people every year 

5. Freshwater snail - kills 20,000 people a year

4. Dog - 35,000 deaths in one year

3. Snake - they kill 100,000 people every year

2. Mosquito - 750,000 deaths per year

1. Humans - We destroy everything and everyone, causing destruction and death everywhere we appear.     


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