The Most-anticipated Movies of 2020

Here's what movies awaits us in the year to come ...

This year has been quite exciting when it comes to films, but it looks like 2020 will be able to compete with 2019. We are expecting movie titles that are exciting, build on already created stories and will brighten up the months to come .

While there will be plenty of new films coming up next year, we have decided to present you with premieres that are definitely the most anticipated and should not be missed. Of course, there will be more films presented that will also be released in the next year, so it is possible that this list will change as time goes on.

Here are the movies:

Top Gun: Maverick


Black Widow

The King’s Man

Birds of Prey

The Invisible Man

The New Mutants


Wonder Woman 1984

Ghostbusters: Afterlife


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