19 Miserable Men Caught In Shopping Mall Purgatory

Check out the photos that show what men go through when they go shopping with women ...

Every man will tell you that he is not some big fan of long-term shopping. When men go to the mall, they mostly know what they are looking for and finish their shopping very easily and quickly, but the situation changes when their better halves are with them.

Women see shopping as a pastime, and men are expected to be assistants who will give them advice and, of course, gentlemanly carry things. Because of this, shopping with women can be extended for several hours, and during this period men only think about how they will survive that period. 

Your girlfriend walked into the boutique with the phrase "just to see one shirt" and then you lost her from sight and the notion of time. 

So we present to you a gallery that perfectly describes it, that will make you laugh to tears and that will show you what men go through because of their better halves.


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