Dr. Yuan Herong sends fans into frenzy with saucy Instagram photos

Yuan Herong was nicknamed "Chun-Li" for her incredibly athletic body ...

The young doctor became popular not because of her profession, but because of her Instagram account, and a body reminiscent of Chun Li from Street Fighter. The young doctor is a big fitness enthusiast and spends many hours each day in the gym to shape and strengthen her body.

This led to her having a body like a superhero and a thigh that seemed to come out of the pages of a comic book. Yuan has received a huge following on her Instagram, and the men who follow her say she is incredibly sexy and shows that women can look good with muscle as well. 

Yuan says that she will continue to pursue trainings and that she will regularly advise and direct people on her social networks so that they can achieve their goals and look good like her. 

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