Here's the short version of what it's like for female athletes to compete against biological males

Over the weekend, history was created at the 2019 Doha Athletics Championships for its inclusion of the 4 × 400-meter gender mixed relay.

According to the Telegraph, nations merge their teams with two male and two female runners. Nearly all participating countries have ordered their
male-female-female-male runners to strategically position their two fastest runners to start and finish the race.

Poland, however, put their two male runners first and second, leaving their two runners, Iga Iga Baumgart-Witan and Justyna Swiety-Ersetic, to close the relay.

While Poland gained the advantage over the bat with their male runners,
the last leg showcased a top-notch female athlete with a 30-meter lead competing against the top male athletes - and the difference was incredible.

The women runner was blown up in the last leg of the relay by Michael Cherry, who represented the United States. All other male runners,
despite being disadvantaged by Swiety-Ersetic’s head start, also beat the Polish runner.


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