A 4th-Grader Refused to Answer a Math Problem Because It Was Offensive

4-th grade girl Rhythm Pacheco refused to answer a math question because it was offensive. Specifically, in a math test, she encountered a task that she refused to offer a solution because she found the question offensive.

A nine-year-old from Salt Lake City was tasked with answering the question "how much Isabel is heavier than the lightest student".

In addition to this question, the test contained a table listing the names of three imaginary female students and their weight.

Dissatisfied Rhythm, instead of offering a solution, she wrote, “
What!!!! This is offensive. Sorry I won’t right [write] this it’s rood [rude]."
She explained to Fox13 why she reacted that way.

"I didn’t like that because girls shouldn’t be comparing each other. I know it was a math problem … but I don’t think that was really OK. I didn't think this would be in the homework, I thought they would put fruits, vegetables or something like that for comparison, "said the nine-year-old.

She also let her teacher know that she thought it was wrong to judge people for their weight.

"I was left in shock, too. I think it's irresponsible to teach kids math this way, "says mother Naomi Pacheco.

They justified themselves from the school by explaining that "the task is not about weight and that it is just a comparison to test students' knowledge of grams and pounds". They have no intention of withdrawing the question from the test.


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