Bees Declared To Be The Most Important Living Being On Earth

Bees are about to be exterminated, and few people know that without bees, life on the planet will not be able to survive ...

In the last few decades, the population of bees has decreased dramatically and now the situation is starting to be very serious. In the United States, the number of bees per acre has decreased by 90%, which just shows how endangered these insects are and are slowly approaching extinction.

What many do not know is how important these small flying insects are in the conservation of the entire planet. Bees are responsible for 80% of plant pollination on the planet, while the other 20% are done by other insects and wind. One bee can pollinate over 300 flowers a day, which significantly affects the plant's propagation and distribution. If the bees were gone, the entire planet would face the disappearance of the food and plants we depend on so much. 

A law is being drafted that will be enforced in all countries and will require that people treat these insects differently. All pesticides and insecticides that kill bees will be banned, and most likely all large farms will need to have a place where bees will be able to reproduce freely. 

Scientific studies have concluded that the bees are the only living being who does not carry any type of pathogen.

Scientists believe that this united movement will improve the bees' population and return to normal, and that this is the only way to avoid catastrophe that can literally endanger the human population. 


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