Dolph Lundgren’s daughter Ida is a total knockout

Ida Lundgren is Dolph Lundgren’s daughter
How many stories have you heard about Swedish women being beautiful, tall and blond? Although we are against stereotypes, in this case we are happy that Ida Lundgren fits the description of the average Viking woman.

Ida was born 23 years ago in Stockholm, and as her dad is a universal soldier, boxer and He-Man, Dolph Lundgren, it's clear why she tried (briefly) as an actress. If you are interested in her filmography, these are the films she starred in: Command Performance (2009), Berg flyttar (2008) and Gumball 3000 med Erik och Mackan (2010).

As you can see, those roles were when she was kid. Now she's grown up, quit acting and is dedicated to modeling. Take a look at her super hot photos in the photo gallery, then look at her dad and thank the genetics gods for pulling her face on mom. 


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