Beauties Of 2019 Octoberfest, The World’s Most Iconic Beer Festival

Think Oktoberfest, and the first thing that comes to mind is beer and thousands of incredibly beautiful German girls dressed in traditional Dirndl (guys get Lederhosen). Combine that with delicious Bavarian food and you will get best festival on earth.

The huge glasses of beer at Oktoberfest are not just served across the counter - they brought to your table the hottest girls ever dressed in Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress that has become so popular today among young women attending the festival.

Carrying up to 10 glasses of beer at a time, these hot Oktoberfest girls are a sight for thirsty travelers.

Of course, not only the beer is impressed at Oktoberfest, with thousands of women attending the festival
dressed in the Dirndl, often in much shorter versions than those originally found in the Alps.

And true to Bavarian hospitality, they are incredibly kind and you will find them smiling,
laughing, kissing (yes, it’s true), raising their glasses and singing all day long. Absolute bliss.

Placing of the knot on Dirndl also showed women's marital status. A knot tied on the girl's left side means she is single, and a knot tied on the right means she is married,  engaged or otherwise taken, and a knot tied on the back means that the woman is a widow. 


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