How To Survive Quarantine With Your Girlfriend

Many men complain that they cannot withstand quarantine because they are constantly arguing with their partners ...

The coronavirus pandemic has made us spend time in our homes. The situation has become quite serious, prompting the authorities to introduce curfews that are quite long.

In this isolation period, people begin to weaken psychologically, because the ban on going outside affects everyone badly. However, there is another problem that quarantine brings us, which is the constant stay with the girls. People who are not in a relationship would say "what's wrong, you have someone to talk to and spend time with" and that is true, but after a while, problems can occur that can further crush us.

Because of the increase in nervousness, both men and women tend to argue, and if you are indoors with one person for more than 3 days, it is clear that a fight can be very easy. This happens to a huge number of men who asked us what to do in these situations and how to improve our relationship during quarantine.

We have some tips for you that will definitely help.

You do separate things

The problem with bickering and nervousness is that you are constantly in the presence of the same person. So separate yourself and do different things throughout the day. You can watch a movie while she reads a book or something. Make sure you have periods during your day when you don't talk or spend time with your girlfriend. If you have a larger apartment or house, you can separate a little in another room. This way you will love each other and make it easier to spend time together.

Physical activity

It is a good idea to be physically active as this will drain your energy and release stress and nervousness. Also recommend this to your nicer better and you will certainly be happier and less arguing.

Common things

Make arrangements for common things that you will do. Do not force her to do the things that only you like, but listen to her and watch a movie or show that you know will cheer her up.


In situations like this, sex can also be a problem, because if you are arguing with someone, then you have no desire to connect to a higher level. So be romantic, make small surprises every day, and more sensual contact will surely come, which will strengthen your relationship and make you laugh and love.


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