16 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear A Helmet

The helmet is really a life saver. This piece of equipment is essential if you drive motorcycles, bicycles, snowboard, and similar extreme things. Also, if you do construction work and regularly coming into a situation that could cause injury to the head, helmet or some form of helmet is something that you absolutely must have.

Helmets are designed specifically so that they received the impact and to help preserve the head. They are created from durable materials and usually consist of several layers that gradually crumbling and so absorb impact shock.
In order to demonstrate how the helmet is important and how it truly affects the protection of your life, we'll show you a gallery of people who kept their helmets as trophies of life. Helmets for these people are life-saving and therefore they want to educate others and to show them that the helmet is a  thing without which you should not sit on the bike or any other similar vehicle.


  1. You would be a fool not to wear a helmet!

  2. Im alive now only because of a helmet. I hated the chin strap fastened, just a childhood choking trauma thing, but id always wear a helmet that was snug to fit. I know silly now. Guy cut me off on the highway, he didnt see my streetbike, lets just say triple digits, my buddies behind me said my head slapped the ground, helmet flew off n i slid about a mile under the bike. My buddy who owns a tree business said i looked like i went thru his woodchipper. 3 day coma n 9 skin grafts later n alotta tears from loved ones, im alive to tell the story of how a helmet saved my life. While in intensive care a kid in my neighborhood died doing a slow 30mph wheelie. Witnesses said a car pulled out of the gas station, made him vear off into the grass, the bike went into the grass n he back into the street, his head slapped the asphalt, no helmet, he never woke up. The helmet is to beat the initial head slap. You wont stop the slap, your head is a watermelon on a noodle. Please wear a helmet.


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