How much our partner's mileage is really important to us ?

Humans are very interesting creatures to study, while this is no less true when it comes to sex and strange rituals and cultural customs that surround it ...

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research published an extensive study of the number of partners and whether such information has any significance in our sexual relations.

During an online experiment involving 188 patients, the researchers asked subjects to connect with a number of different hypothetical partners, all of whom varied in the number of sexual partners from zero to sixty.

In terms of one-night stands, or no-obligation relationships, the optimal number of exes was between two and six, after which interest slowly declined with each additional partner.

In short relationships, the average fit score for men was slightly higher than the number current for women. On top of that, the male part of the respondents was far more likely to engage in a relationship with a virgin, or a woman with fewer sexual partners in the past. Either way, these gender differences were so small that it is almost impossible to confirm them with certainty.

When it comes to long-term relationships, the differences between the sexes have become even smaller, on both sides very explicitly against engaging in relationships with people of the opposite sex who had a large number of sexual partners before them.

The optimal number of sexual partners for long-term relationships was around two or three. After that, each additional sexual partner gradually degraded the attraction of a certain person.

"The effect of the number of former partners was very large," the study concluded. "Therefore, the ingrained view that male promiscuity can be tolerated by women does not drink water because both sexes expressed equal aversion and did not want to enter into a relationship with someone who possesses a large sexual portfolio."

There may be too much rumor about all this, just like about many other irrelevant topics in today's world, but one thing is true - as long as the key fits the lock, the love life is real.


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