Why do we look at other women, even when we are happy in a relationship?

Have you ever looked at another girl while you were in the company of your girlfriend?

Maybe you were immediately slapped by the sharp gaze of your chosen one, and maybe you managed to slip through unnoticed, this time. The fact is that practically every man in the world will turn to another woman, even when he tries not to do it. Even in those moments when you enjoy a perfect relationship, you are fulfilled in every sense, your gaze wanders naughtily through the city streets and searches for its place. Why is it like that?

Well, as science says, the thing is in testosterone. According to the allegations, men look instinctively, and only later think about what they are actually doing. Testosterone affects their brains and perceives potential prey, which simply forces the eyes to look at what it is all about. After that, the mind is activated, the man returns to a conscious state, but the damage has already been done.

Another fact in this story is aesthetics - women will stop in front of the window of their favorite boutique, while a man will have to look at a beautiful woman, because he simply enjoys the scene. This certainly does not mean that he is not satisfied with his girlfriend. And let's not lie, girls watch other men too!

The last item in our story, but certainly not the least important, is jealousy - a man will intentionally look at another woman when he is in the company of his girlfriend, in order to provoke her reaction and get attention. Jealousy impresses and feeds the ego to many, and this is definitely one of the ways to get a portion on demand.


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