TickTokers burn snowballs to "prove" that the snow is not real

The latest conspiracy theory we’ve heard about is that someone is creating fake snow falling all over the world. Snow is not a real phenomenon. Of course, some claim that Bill Gates is behind it all. Because who else? One of the reasons is to "protect the world's elites." How? Will the elites make giant snow forts? Or catapult giant lumps to the population if it rebels?

Some conspiracy theorists even believe that China is behind everything and that they are sending this "fake" snow to America to convince the proud American nation that climate change is real. Here, we don't get it.

"No water, no drops, nothing"

This is how they explain this phenomenon. Because if the snow is real, it should melt and become a puddle, right?

Well, not really.

All these TickTokers burn snowballs with some kind of flame. Sublimation is a process in which an open flame converts a solid state of snow into a gaseous one. The snow evaporates instead of becoming a puddle. And everyone is expecting a puddle. Here - the phenomenon has a name. Sublimation.

Here is a video from 2014 that explains the phenomenon of "fake snow". In 2014, there was no TikTok.

Why did this theory get wings again? The US state of Texas was hit by a snowstorm which is not a common occurrence in Texas. Some people have seen snow for the first time ever. They are expected to have questions, but it scares us that they think they have answers as well. 



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