What really gives women pleasure

For many men, the female orgasm is an eternal dilemma - did it really happen, or did their sweetheart play her role perfectly… 


Many wonder which techniques can give their chosen ones the best satisfaction and a breathtaking climax. The answer to that question is certainly not simple - women like different types of stimulation, as stated in a study that included 1000 women between the ages of 18 and 94. Stimulation involves touching the genitals as the most obvious item, certain parts of the body, pressing, stroking, nibbling and the like. Moreover, as many as 41% of women prefer only a certain type of touch!

Their future lovers should try to find out what it is about before they have sex or diligently follow their movements and repeat what gives them the greatest pleasure. When asked how women reach orgasm, as many as 75% of them stated that clitoral stimulation is necessary for it to occur at all, while only 18% stated that vaginal penetration alone is sufficient.

If you are not sure what your performance is in this field, we suggest you open four eyes next time…

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